Building blocks to create a new-age Digital Immersive Ecosystem

ActiveEdge offers the needed capability to envision your innovative business models

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Tech Active Digital Drome (TADD)

TADD is a new-age digital rules engine that catalyzes an organization's digital initiatives. This engine offers a holistic digital experience through effective SMAC, AI/ML, Blockchain, and AR/VR orchestration.

  • Get a litmus test on digital assets reusability for future-proof systems architecture.
  • Experience how data gets transformed into more profound insights.
  • Build “Digital Twin” to optimize your cost and enhance performance.
  • “DIGITAL WISDOM” opens avenues to measure output and stimulate outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

AI / ML initiatives are critical for organizations differentiation in the market, resulting in maximum impact. We enable you to identify the true essence and tangible benefits of AI / ML, directing you towards organizational success.

  • We help you envision solutions that take advantage of increasing data complexity in today's world.
  • Maximize the business impact of AI projects by ensuring a collaborative approach among C-suite, business leaders, and technology evangelists.
  • Our frameworks help machines scale up to human decision making.
  • Tech Active’s rules engine facilitates “Serendipity” in the transformation to create new business models.
  • Our component library acts as a catalyst and a glue between the machine and human thought process.
Deep Learning
Neural Network
Data Science


Blockchain platforms can help transform the business lifecycle into a digital ecosystem that instills trust and transparency.

  • Empower organizations with edge applications, blockchain tokens, verifiable credentials & decentralized identifiers.
  • Build solutions using Solidity, Geth, and interfaces such as JSON-RPC server, command-line, and an interactive console.
  • P2P enables decentralization; P2P blockchain architecture allows all cryptocurrencies. Blockchain empowers the ledgerization of many digital assets on a P2P network.
  • Achieve high standards of security, reliability, and uptime of blockchain networks in production.
  • Leverage the benefits of chain agnostic solutions to scale hybrid systems and NFT minting.
Digital Assets
Digital Identity
NFT / Tokenization
Industry Grade Blockchain


Think Digital Immersive Experience, Think Metaverse. Visualize futuristic Metaverse experience through the right synergy of Augmented Reality (AR), Head-Mounted Display (HMD), Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and spatial technologies – remote sensing, GPS, and GIS.

  • Build innovative products and solutions with multimodal interface (AR/Mixed/VR) experiences.
  • Create “Gather” based solutions to collaborate among individuals using user-built 2D worlds with spatial audio and video.
  • Seed solutions in the interaction layers in intelligent devices, creating Cyberspace.
  • Ingrain new business models through Metaverse and manage payments through NFTs (Non-fungible tokens).
  • We are “concept seeding” NOWHERE, offering prebuilt 3D worlds to build gaming solutions.
Experiential Web3.0
Dimensional Engineering
xD Animation
Extended / Alternate Reality
Edge Computing

Translate your ideas into digital products

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Avoid islands of automation tasks and establish holistic planning and prioritization on new initiatives to drive growth. Our frameworks can enable quicker implementation of industry-focused automation—intelligent selection of critical processes for automation results in increased system efficiency.

  • Gain synergetic and well-oiled business processes.
  • Automation catalyzes the process and system to deliver the desired growth, digitalization, and operational excellence.
  • Achieve elated customer satisfaction through conversation automation enabled by RPA, AI, and ML.
  • Intelligent Process Automation – build end-to-end process automation that integrates and manages digital processes.
Interactive workflows
Decision-Driven Automation
Robotic Process Automation
Conversational automation
H/M Interface Metrics


IoT and digital twins are instrumental in improving situational awareness and helping make better business decisions. Self-diagnosing and self-repairing processes are rising for the post-COVID situations curbing cost aspects.

  • Unique orchestration engine for connected devices architecture.
  • Predictive analytics helps form a “PoD” – Point of Decision rule book.
  • Near real-time control of mission-critical applications.
  • Software framework-driven inventory using devices in the warehousing process.
  • Making devices smarter through our unique data extraction models.
Algorithm-driven alerts
Actionable Analytics
Real-time decisions
Sensors layout
Device Management