Building blocks to create new-age Digital Immersive Ecosystem

ActiveEdge offers the needed capability to envision your innovative business models

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Tech Active Digital Drome (TADD)

TADD is a new-age digital rules engine that catalyses your Digital Initiatives. Experience holistic digital services through effective orchestration of SMAC, AI/ML, Blockchain, AR/VR.

  • Get a litmus test on digital assets’ reusability for future proof systems architecture
  • Experience the data transformation to result in a Deeper insights
  • Build “Digital Twin” to optimize your cost and enhance performance
  • “DIGITAL WISDOM” will open up avenues to measure output and simulate outcomes

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

AI and ML initiatives becoming critical for differentiation and survival paths resulting in delivering maximum impact for the organizations. We enable you to identify the nature and tangible benefits of AI / ML projects that is the key essence of organizational success.

  • Data engulfs the ecosystem and is growing continuously with complexity
  • Maximize the business impact of AI projects by ensuring a collaborative approach among C-Suite, Business Leaders, and Technology evangelists
  • AI offers remediation to firefighting situations
  • Enable disruption, and discovery of new moments for a greater business impact
  • Explore unknown transformative patterns in data
Technical Sculpting
Technology Factoring
Process Enrichment
Innovation & IP


Blockchain platforms can help transform the business lifecycle into a digital ecosystem that instils trust and transparency.

If that sounds ideal, we should meet. With over 170 technology professionals on board and 9 years of best practices, we can support your team in delivering measurable results through technology at any development stage. There’s a project you need done well and fast. We’ve helped with digital transformation over 200x times. Develop with confidence with The Software House’s complete product team that follows best practices tested in 7 markets

  • Empower organizations with agile development of distributed applications, blockchain tokens, and verifiable credentials & decentralized identifiers.
  • Build the capability to develop containerization, YAML template to facilitate different networks running on Kubernetes based platforms
  • Technical expertise in CI/CD pipelines, integration, and performance testing that help to automate the deployment of blockchain network infrastructure
  • Achieve high standards of health, reliability, and uptime of blockchain networks in production
  • Leverage the benefits of chain agnostic solutions to scale hybrid systems and NFT minting.
Secure Networks
Chain agnostic


Think Digital Immersive experience, Think Metaverse… The right synergy of Augmented reality (AR), Head-mounted display (HMD), Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and spatial technologies – remote sensing, GPS, GIS emerges the futuristic Metaverse experience.

  • Empower to build innovative products and solutions with multimodal interfaces, (AR/Mixed/VR) experiences
  • Get access to content layer capability to leverage graph technologies and spatial data integration
  • Build solutions in the interaction layers in smart devices
  • Imagine new business models through Metaverse.
Multimodal Interfaces
Spatial data
Interaction layer
New business models


Avoid islands of automation tasks and establish holistic planning and prioritization on new initiatives to drive growth. Our time proven frameworks can enable quicker implementation of industry-focused automation. Avoid human errors with an intelligent selection of critical processes for automation.

  • Gain synergetic and well-oiled business processes
  • Catalyse automation to deliver the desired growth, digitalization, and operational excellence
  • Achieve elated customer satisfaction through conversation automation enabled by RPA, AI, and ML
  • Lean Six sigma based process optimization and workflow automation for enhanced efficiency of repeatable processes
Interactive workflows
Catalyse automation
Conversational automation
Repeatable processes


IoT and digital twins are instrumental in improving situational awareness and help make better business decisions. Self-diagnosing and self-repairing processes are rising for the post-COVID situations curbing cost aspects.

  • Enable switching from traditional to condition-based maintenance
  • Empowered with predictive maintenance to anticipate greater impact disruptions
  • Realtime patient telemetry monitoring enables management of life-critical situations
  • Disposable sensors in cargo movement to enable wastage due to temperature variation during the long haul.
  • Connecting old and new devices together for seamless monitoring of the manufacturing unit is possible.
Algorithm driven alerts
Predictive maintenance
Real-time decisions
Disposable sensors
Seamless interconnection