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Its starts with people

Tech Active provides the right balance of variety and fulfilment. We search for individuals who have the hunger to solve complex problems and a passion to be on the edge by continuously adapting.


Team collaboration

We believe in the spirit of collaboration. Driven by collaborative thinking, we behave as one team working towards one common mission.


Variety in roles

Variety unleashes creativity. That’s why every individual gets wide exposure on different projects involving complex requirements and multiple technologies.


Learning opportunities

Our employees get to flex their skills with a range of learning programs tailored to suit individual needs and career aspirations.


Ownership culture

At Tech Active, you are the CEO of your project. That makes you more responsible for every small and big wins.


Health benefits

We are committed to health of our people. With health insurance and COVID-19 support we ensure every employee is taken care of physically and mentally.


Diversity wins

A diverse team makes us all powerful. We value individual contribution and foster an inclusive and equal opportunity environment.