A robust and scalable
cloud-based Data Management Platform (DMP)

Digital Marketing


The Client, a reputed marketing agency offers digital marketing and data management platform that enables businesses in their customer acquisition strategy. They wanted to develop an Email Delivery Platform to empower brands deliver email campaigns and reach millions of targeted audiences without compromising data privacy. The idea was to provide a single platform for both publishers and advertisers for running and managing promotional email campaigns in the most secure and affordable manner.

The platform must allow publishers to share their data via secure process and integrate with multiple Email Service Providers (ESPs) and data suppression module to cleanse suppressed data regularly.

Scope of work

Business Analysis UI / UX Web Development QA

Business Analysis


Web Development



Building a system that deals with massive volume of consumer data comes with potential risk of data breach and brand reputation. Tech Active approached the requirement carefully by gathering extensive inputs from domain experts to understand the Email Service Ecosystem. Combining this new knowledge with expertise in Data Management Platforms, Tech Active designed a scalable email advertising platform – Opend, a blend of functional and technical excellence.

The system empowers publishers to maintain control over how and how much of this data can be utilized by the advertisers – thus ensuring maximum protection against data misuse. The complete system is GDPR compliant. Tech Active built an automated payout system into the platform that helps publishers connect their bank accounts and get paid periodically.

The platform allows advertisers to create and manage email campaigns without accessing the consumer records shared by the publishers. The inbuilt AI/ML algorithm enables the advertisers to set the preferences for targeted campaigns with matching audience.

The admin panel allows Known Media to manage day-to-day operations of the platform and gives complete control of the system without requiring to contact the developers.

Technology Stack

PHP Node JS Angular JS Mongo DB Clickhouse DB Stripe Kubernetes


Node JS

Angular JS

Mongo DB

Clickhouse DB



Business Impact

A win-win for Publishers and Advertisers to acquire and engage customers in the most secure and compliant manner.

Efficiency: Email delivery increased up to 90%

Campaigns: 100+ campaigns sent daily

Data: 20 million plus email records managed

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