Cloud-based comprehensive
hiring software for a UK-based recruitment agency



To drive business growth, a UK based Recruitment agency needed an end-to-end hiring software to efficiently manage the hiring process while improving efficiency and productivity.

The solution was required to automate the repetitive tasks related to hiring, tracking, scheduling, and invoicing for both recruitment firm and customers. A customer facing access was required to interact with the system and as well with the agency’s staff in the most efficient manner. And a module for the agency’s team to perform and monitor all activities. The idea was to develop a feature-rich system to achieve operations efficiency with minimal human interventions.

Scope of work

Business Analysis UI / UX Web Development DevOps QA

Business Analysis


Web Development




Tech Active collaborated with the recruitment agency to understand their processes and workflow and developed a comprehensive recruiting software.

The automation began with an AI-based resume parsing tool that helped eliminate data entry task for recruiters. This led to creating a database of their own which is updated and searchable reducing the dependency on outside portals. The portal enabled recruiters to search for resumes, share them with customers, schedule interviews, manage and communicate with candidates and customers, and even enable in closing positions. The solution had a smart shortlisting tool that would recommend relevant candidates to a recruiter to review based on each job opening.

Customers of the crecruitment agency had access to the portal and resumes shared by the recruiter and allow them to shortlist candidates or provide feedback. Customers could post job openings which would be then managed by the recruiter on their behalf. They could view scheduled interviews, change interview schedule, and accept or reject the candidate – all directly from the system.

The portal had a feature to manage payments for both recruiters and customers. The admin module was developed to ensure complete control on the hiring operations. Admins can view and monitor the progress of each employee. The system provides access to dashboards to view in-depth reports and analytics on complete operations of the business.

Technology Stack






Business Impact

The Client achieved business growth of more than 100% within first 12 months.

Improved accuracy: System-driven hiring operations

Increased productivity: Elimination of redundant activities

Ease of business: Common platform for recruiters and customers

Scalable platform: On-going optimization and zero downtime

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