Cloud-based, integrated mobile app and taxi ERP platform



A leading taxi provider of UK wanted to launch a comprehensive, robust, and fully customized on-demand taxi ERP solution to meticulously automate fleet operations with increased efficiency.

Establish a complete Cloud-based, responsive ERP platform to manage and monitor end-to-end operations of their taxi business right from accepting bookings via the web dispatcher, managing app bookings to managing drivers and payouts.

Scope of work

Case_bullet Project Discovery Case_bullet UI / UX Case_bullet Cloud Dispatcher Platform Case_bullet Mobile Application
Case_bullet Google Maps Deep Integration Case_bullet Payment Gateway Case_bullet Cloud Telephony

Project Discovery


Cloud Dispatcher Platform

Mobile Application

Google Maps Deep Integration

Payment Gateway

Cloud Telephony


The approach to the entire project began with developing a mobile app in order to transition from call center module to an on-demand real-time taxi booking platform. This was to enable instant communication with multiple touchpoints in real-time using advanced technology such as MQTT.

The next step was to develop an elaborate ERP platform integrating the mobile app with the Cloud-based call center module to build a complete taxi booking ecosystem, thereby making it a versatile booking system allowing customers to book via the mobile app or call center.

Customers got a complete and clear view of the travel history with referral, loyalty points and get access to offers and promotions.

The Dispatcher Panel offered interactive voice response and could handle multiple calls over a single line leading to enhanced volume of bookings.

Driver app allowed drivers to fully manage ongoing and existing trips, contact customers via in-built VOIP calling, manage payouts and position in que.

Integration with the payment gateway enabled to accept credit/debit card payments as well as cash settlements both in app and via the dispatcher. Integration with Bank API for automatic payouts of earnings to drivers periodically.

The system provided a powerful platform to manage the entire process with an admin dashboard.

Technology Stack

Case_bullet KAFKA Case_bullet Laravel Case_bullet MongoDB Case_bullet Redis Case_bullet NodeJS Case_bullet Android Case_bullet iOS









Business Impact

The solution has resulted in a significant rise in the number of bookings while blending in on brand commitment of "Taxi in a click." Tech Active continues to help the taxi firm grow exponentially by being their tech partner and providing unique and robust solutions.

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