Bangalore / 28.08.18

Mail Delivery Specialist

By Deeplaxmi

Role Type: Full Time

Work Experience: 2-7 YEARS

Location: Bangalore

Job Description:

    You should …

  • Know the ins and outs of e-mail deliverability, and have hands-on experience with volume in e-mails.
  • Have experience with e-mail marketing and sending e-mails to large numbers of subscribers
  • Be able to guide the development of scripts to analyze deliverability of emails.
  • Be able to set up and monitor delivery metrics, and develop plans to improve inbox placement.
  • Be able to work with a team to make sure we are in compliance with legal requirements such as CAN-SPAM.
  • Be able to maintain IP reputation.
  • Be able to remedy blacklists, identify spam traps, and work with an ISP to optimize sending rates.
  • Have experience with deliverability testing.
  • Have strong knowledge of email filtering technologies.
  • Have great knowledge and standing within the email deliverability community.
  • Have working knowledge with return path, lasbhack, message systems, SNDS, RBLS, MTA, MxToolbox, Spamhaus. 250ok, Email on Aci, and FBL/CFL.
  • Have technical knowledge of mail servers (Postfix, Port25, Mdaemon, Message Systems, etc.).
  • Have working knowledge of maintaining IP reputation.
  • Have working knowledge of constructing emails to render accurately and test against all clients and browsers.
  • Have strong knowledge of hand-coding HTML, CSS, JavaScript and slicing and implementing existing images in email and web.
  • Be able to run reports on deliverability, as well as analyze them and make recommendations based on that analysis.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Work with all members of our marketing and technology team to develop a strategy for growing our e-mail.
  • Identify opportunities, and troubleshoot and fix.
  • Drive our strategy for subscriber acquisition and improve user experience and targeting.
  • Follow e-mail and website analytics and use them to identify untapped areas for growth.
  • Perform copywriting and work with our graphic designer to come up with creatives[TT1].
  • Oversee the full life cycle of an e-mailing campaign, from conception of the idea to testing, measuring, and optimizing.

To Apply:

  • Email resume and a summary of your interest in working with us to [email protected]
  • Subject Name: Mail Delivery Specialist - BANGALORE