Tech Active’s prominent, innovative and iterative responsive designs have helped increase AbayaButh’s digital engagement and brand positioning.


Based in London, AbayaButh is an online shopping brand that features an unparalleled inventory of abayas, hijabs and dresses. The company provides influential, refined and progressive clothing that aims to bring tradition with a modern touch to stand out, rather than fit in.



We were approached to design a high-impact website for AbayaButh that reflected the company’s passion for delivering elegant clothing to Islamic women along with their promise of quality and commitment across the globe. Tech Active was assigned the task of burgeoning AbayaButh’s brand positioning, increasing sales, rebranding, and creating a clean and simple e-commerce website design.

The goal was to reposition AbayaButh as a niche brand globally and re-engage targeted customers with AbayaButh’s elegantly fashioned abayas.


- Highlight the latest releases and deliver simple and fast shopping experiences along with easy checkout and online payment gateway.
- A fully responsive bespoke website to provide seamless user experience across multiple devices.
- Build a loyalty program for regular customers.
- Establish AbayaButh as a niche brand globally that provides the best modest clothing for Islamic women worldwide



Our e-commerce developers and creative teams conducted in-depth market research, understanding the shopping behaviours of female Islamic shoppers, pinpointing exactly how the experience could be streamlined and simplified to reduce bounce rates and escalate completed conversions. Drawing from a pool of approximately 100 online female shopper’s responses, our audit showed that the new website needed to provide a customized and immersive experience that can deepen a woman visitor’s bond with the brand.

Tech Active’s core development team created an aesthetic and sophisticated logo, giving the brand a completely fresh identity as the “Gucci” of the abayas. Another important aspect was the redoing of their packaging that inspired to create memorable shopping experiences for customers. On the online shopping site, our programmers placed a ‘Lookbook’ section that gave viewers exclusive ideas on how to style outfits, along with the latest trends in the abaya fashion industry, which visually appealed to a shopper’s senses and imagination.

Our research also stated that ‘Rewards’ are a strong alluring factor for female shoppers, thus we created a loyalty reward program that was integrated inside the website, which incentivizes new and existing buyers after purchasing AbayaButh’s products. Moreover, 65% of women love to share their online shopping experiences—to achieve this, we designed the new site with social in mind, giving customers the ability to share their purchase and inspirations via multiple social media platforms.

The entire website was built on extremely scalable and reliable Magento framework.



- With our innovative and iterative responsive designs, the site engagement and sales volume of AbayaButh rose by 20% within two weeks of its launch.
- Approximately 90% of new and existing customers perceived the site to be seamlessly adaptive, delivering great performance across all devices.

Tech Active now continue to support the client with ongoing updates and improvements to maintain AbayaButh’s essence and the brand’s global credentials.

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