Nuts Over Salads

Nuts over Salads is the story of the new revolution in the technology and food industry, with an outreaching mobile app that manages orders and customers.


What happens when a chef and gym owner get together for a friendly chat? They talk about healthy food options in the city and find that there is no service that provides health-conscious Bangaloreans with a nutritious, post-gym meal option. This passion for healthy food ignited the spark for Nuts over Salads, a story of two brothers Aditya Rao and Abhijeet Rao, with a shared dream of becoming India’s premier provider of Healthy Salads. The company offers salads with exotic ingredients like barleyrice and poached chicken, Mediterranean balela (garbanzo beans) with couscous among others.



In the early phase of their launch, Nuts over Salads were delivering 30 to 35 meals per day, which they received through their Facebook page, with most of the deliveries done by Aditya himself.

As the initial experiment of offering healthy salads was successful, Nuts over Salad wanted to expand their business to the next level — target of delivering 300 salads per day by engaging more customers. Nuts over Salads contacted Tech Active to help them to scale-up their business as well as automate their subscription and ordering process to manage their delivery system more efficiently.

The goal was to increase their sales drastically through a functionally rich mobile application development that effectively engage and involve the health-conscious customers.


- A feature-rich mobile app, that allows access on the move.
- Build an automated and subscription based ordering model.
- With just a few clicks, one can order from a wide variety of delicious healthy food options along with easy checkout and online payment gateway.
- Establish Nuts over Salads as a niche brand in providing salads that are full-blown meals with the right balance of grains, greens, nuts and protein.

Nuts over Salads


Tech Active started by conducting extensive user research with Nuts over Salads’ existing and potential customers, and our assessment armed us with a ton of consistent and insightful information about customers’ needs and behaviours, which can decrease bounce rates and increase conversion rates. Drawing from a pool of approximately 100 prospective and existing m-commerce shopper’s feedback, we found that the checkout process needed to be as simple as possible.

Based on these insights, our vastly experienced mobile application developers worked together to develop a minimalistic and engaging mobile app design for a fluid experience that can reduce the number of pages users had to jump between to place an order. Our research stated that 90% of potential customers uses both iOS and Android OS for ordering their food — to capture the user market effectively; we developed the app on both Android and iPhone. We also integrated back-end services, which helped Nuts over Salads to know their customers’ ordering patterns, spread their footprint outside Bangalore and create new menus for effectively serving the taste buds of their customers.

We integrated a ‘Promotional Code’ module that helped the client to get new customers on-board and retain the loyalty of their existing customers by offering discounts and special offers. In addition, we made provision to provide special or discounted offers to members of limited gyms and corporates in order to increase Nuts over Salads’ customer base.

Nuts over Salads


- The entire operation has been streamlined, which made the delivery process more effective.
- The customer engagement and sales volume rose by 60% within two months of its launch.
- The ordering process is completely automated, delivering fresh and healthy food to customers on time.


Nuts over Salads have now scaled-up to different areas across Bangalore, while serving 10,000 customers and delivering as many as 450 salads a day. We are now exploring new possibilities to improve Nuts over Salads’ sales and achieve higher target.

Nuts over Salads Nuts over Salads