Orbit Taxi

Mobile application built to facilitate round-the-clock on-demand taxi service.


Commuters in major cities have endured a stagnant, traditional method of hailing a cab, for far too long. You either stood outside—wind, rain, sleet, snow, or shine—waving your hand in the air until you could find a cab, or you had to resort to calling a taxi dispatch (if you had the number) and wait for close to half an hour, if not more, until a car arrived. Adding to the woes, is the lack of a cashless payment system. The taxi-experience, with all the annoyance, was never pleasant; lack of an alternative meant, you had to play along.

With these hurdles in what should ideally be a hassle-free process, the necessity for a definitive, customer-friendly solution was imminent. And the idea for OrbitTaxi was born - to offer reliable and safe rides in minutes – day or night – with the best possible travel experience, which needed to be designed around the vision of making processes transparent, and life simpler and faster.

Orbit Taxi


Royal Express Heaton is a successful on-call taxi service in Bolton for more than a decade. But, changing times, and the technology driven demand for a commuter-friendly, round-the-clock on-demand taxi service, sowed the seeds for OrbitTaxi.

To nurture the idea and mould it into a comprehensive solution, the Bolton-based company was on the lookout for a tech agency with the right mix of experience and expertise in delivering scalable applications on cloud and mobile, and innovative technology solutions. To this end, they found the answer in Tech Active, and entrusted us with the responsibility to create a best-in-class on-demand solution to disrupt the archaic business model and revolutionise the taxi service industry.


- Ensure smooth, seamless transition from an on-call (Royal Express Heaton), to an on-demand taxi service (OrbitTaxi).
- Deliver a cloud-based backend service to support the structure and monitor end-to-end functioning of the application.
- Focus on the scalability of the solution so that the business expansion can be executed with ease, while complementing innovation in technology.
- A solution with versatile functioning on multiple mobile platforms.
- Eliminate cash-payment issues effectively and design platforms to enable cashless payment.
- Create the OrbitTaxi brand and help it make strong inroads and establish an identity in the taxi-service industry.

Orbit Taxi


Creating something anew, requires elaborate understanding of why the old needs to change. In this regard, Tech Active, true to its repute, adopted a completely logical approach to understanding every aspect of a mobile-based on-demand taxi service. Conducting extensive, independent research on the ground as well as online, we could gauge the mood of the daily/occasional taxi-commuter. Interacting with them, as well as drivers, helped us understand concerns at both the ends, thus providing us with a clear picture of the loopholes in the cab service that need plugging.

Drawing from the results of our efforts, we built wireframes and prototypes of the solution. Keeping the client in the loop at and involving them actively in every stage of the creative process, we designed, and developed a cloud-based platform that would facilitate passengers to book a taxi in real-time through a simple app-based solution. With our research-statistic stating that 90% of the potential customers use both Android and iOS, we built the app on both the platforms, whereby the business could capture a greater share of the user market.

In order to fulfill the core objective of developing a foolproof backend system essential to the solution, a cloud-based web platform was developed to manage both the mobile applications, and primarily, to play the role of a supervising-monitor who can accurately assess the functioning of the entire system. In addition to this, the platform can leverage analytics—understand commuters’ reception of the service -- manage driver and customer data, as well as dispatch drivers for on-call service requests. Also, it can provide support and direct dispute resolutions, manage payments and payouts, promocodes and much more. Owing to these well-defined capabilities, the unique, ‘manage-all’ system lends further credence to the service authenticity and organised functioning.

In every technology-based solution, security feature is of paramount importance. Through this, the customer can know beforehand about the driver and share the location with loved ones. In addition to this, PCI compliant cashless payment platforms and AES 256 encryption on data, enhance further the ease of use and make the system user friendly and secure.

Orbit Taxi


- The mobile experience was adopted quickly and conveniently, with Orbit customers using the app for booking taxi services frequently.
- Steep hike in consumer interest, positive reviews, and a sharp 40% increase in business within 60 days of launch.
- The app helped the drivers to get more prospective travelers, thus reducing their idle time on roads.
- OrbitTaxi, as a brand, has gained in business, perception, and value.
- Continued relationship with us-Tech Active- reflecting the standards of our solutions and unflinching ethical approach.


Tech Active’s creative ability, technical expertise and a unique problem solving approach has made the app transcend the boundaries of a mere on-demand taxi booking platform and delivers succinctly yet wholesomely on Orbit’s brand promise of “Taxi in a click”. With a mobile dependent, innovation-craving urban world, Orbit, with the support of Tech Active, can definitively stand at the root of innovations to come.

Orbit Taxi Orbit Taxi