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Blockchain based Digital Transcripts for an University


A prestigious private university located in Bangalore, faced issues with its traditional paper-based academic transcript system. Students have received countless paper transcripts over the years, which have been damaged or lost, processed slowly, or forged. 

Tech Active recommended using the FLOW blockchain due to its fast transaction times, low transaction fees, and developer-friendly nature.To implement the solution, Tech Active worked with the university to create a custom token on the blockchain that would represent a student's academic record. The token would contain all the necessary information about the student's academic performance, such as grades, courses completed, and degree earned.

Using Cadence, Tech Active built a smart contract to issue these tokens. The student would then log into a web application (developed with Go and Vue JS)  to access their digital transcript. In order to ensure security and integrity, Tech Active recommended storing digital transcripts on IPFS.

As a result, digital transcripts could be issued to students in a more efficient, secure, and tamper-proof manner than traditional paper transcripts.

Scope of work

Web Application
API Integration
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