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Blockchain to Distribute Payments on a Music Platform


Our client is a first-of-its-kind platform that enables beat producers to licence their beats globally and rappers to discover Indian beats. The client wanted to leverage Blockchain technology to distribute payments from beat consumers to beat creators. 

It was Tech Active’s responsibility to develop blockchain (using  Solidity and ConsenSys), smart contracts and API on the existing platform. We created smart contracts to distribute payments from beat consumers to beat creators. That way, every member of the team who produces content is paid appropriately.

In addition to implementing multiple contracts, we used RabbitMQ to query, a database instance for status updates, and several endpoints. Additionally, we implemented recoupment for tokenized content creators and expanded fund distribution to include distributions to investors. 

The use of blockchain technology and smart contracts in the platform ensured a more efficient and transparent payment process for both content consumers and creators, reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring fair compensation for content creators.

Scope of work

Web Application
API and AWS Cloud
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