Recruitment, UAE

Cloud based Applicant Tracking System


We work with a fast-growing recruitment company in Dubai that uses our bespoke software to manage their recruitment activities on a daily basis. We built their Applicant Tracking system using microservices architecture, which makes it scalable, fast and efficient. 

Using AI and ML, the system automatically extracts information from resumes, and uses an AI–based scheduler to optimize the interview schedule. Also, the platform automatically posts jobs on multiple job boards. Customer-facing dashboards allow them to post job requirements, interview, shortlist, and communicate with assigned to them.

Additionally, the system features a robust CRM to help manage candidate data and all communications. Customer account information such as hiring history, payments, invoices, and open positions is also managed through the CRM. Invoice and payment processing are handled through Xero Accounts integration and Stripe.

Scope of work

User interface design
Cloud Development
Product Maintenance & support
Integration with Xero and multiple third party systems
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