Hospitality, Singapore

Cloud based Hotel Experience Platform


Built for a Singapore based startup, this is the most advanced and sophisticated cloud-based Hotel Management Platform, designed from the ground up to manage every aspect of a hotel, including guest journeys, organizational resources, and performance metrics. 

Developed by Tech Active, the ecosystem spans Cloud and Mobile with an intuitive and simple user interface that helps hotel staff carry out tasks more efficiently and create a memorable guest experience. As a result of our deep customisation of Optaplanner, the software provides hoteliers with real-time maintenance scheduling, employee rostering, and task assignment to ensure minimal disruptions. 

We continue to work with the client to evolve the platform by integrating with Amazon Alexa, Smart iOT devices and creating an Ai Engine to automate tasks. 

Scope of work

Application Development
Mobile applications
API Integration
API Development
Optaplanner integration
Oracle Opera Integration.
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