Background Verification, UAE

SBT token MVP for Background Verification Platform


An existing customer of ours, which is a leading background verification platform, wanted Blockchain and SBTs to create a tamper-free verification system. When job candidates submit all their prior work history and professional certificates, SBTs issued by previous employers or institutions would serve as proof of skill.

We were asked to develop a solution for the initial MVP that would include SBT tokens that would serve as a symbol of the credential between the employee’s skill / work history and the ex-employer / educational institution who has issued it. Therefore, the SBT tokens will be presented as a non-transferrable NFT (ERC1155). Using Polygon testnet, we have implemented a smart-contract MVP. Additionally, a smart contract was developed to mint new SBTs and store SBT metadata.

In summary, the development of an MVP using blockchain and Soul Bound tokens allowed a background verification company to create a more secure and efficient employee verification process. The MVP enabled the company to test the feasibility of the solution and demonstrate its effectiveness to potential clients.

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