RKRS Legal

A CRM Solution built for a leading recruitment consultancy to help them streamline the entire business process and manage data more effectively & efficiently.


RKRS Legal is a specialist consultancy with many years of industry experience in legal recruitment. The company works for leading multinational enterprises and SMBs to help them recruit employees in the legal sector. RKRS is based out of Manchester with multiple offices across the UK and is one of the fastest growing recruitment consultancies in the UK.

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In order to expand their operations to multiple cities, RKRS needed to replace their legacy system with a functionally rich platform to monitor employees’ day-to-day activities, build a central database of candidates, eliminate duplication of work, automate the manual tasks, and ultimately increase employees’ productivity and efficiency. Another requirement of the stakeholders was that the employees should be able to work remotely and still have the access to the system—wherever he is and on whatever device he is.

We were approached by RKRS to develop a cloud-based Applicant Tracking System that would optimise their workflow as well as improve efficiency and productivity. With a team size of over 50+ members, RKRS was looking for a system that can store the entire resume database centrally, which would be easily accessible across all offices and help RKRS employees to source candidates for clients promptly. As the company was in a rapid expansion mode, they wanted a reliable cloud development partner who could understand their business and deploy solutions that are right for them.


- Develop a cloud-based application to manage customers, source candidates, schedule interviews, and track sales.
- Build a cloud-based database of resumes, which can be accessed by all employees to avoid duplicity and redundancy of data.
- Mobile-based responsive system, that allows employees to continue work when away from the office.
- A dashboard that enables stakeholders to monitor employee activity, track sales and do much more.

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Tech Active collaborated with RKRS’ stakeholders and employees to understand their current workflow and the challenges involved with their existing systems. Based on the insights, customer requirements, and research, a cloud-based tailored ‘Recruitment CRM’ solution was developed for seamlessly delivering on their objectives. We designed a parsing tool that allowed employees to pre-populate candidate’s resume by simply uploading his or her CV on the CRM, without the need for any time-consuming manual data entry.

Our programmers developed complex search algorithms that would automatically search candidates from the database, based on customer’s requirements and location and send this over to the customer to review. Additionally, a scheduling tool allowed RKRS to schedule interviews and send automated reminders via text and email to both the candidate and the company.

We also designed a customer management module that provided information about current openings from each customer, resumes shared with them, the status of candidates, interviews scheduled, and a record of all communication that has taken place between the customer and RKRS. Moreover, Tech Active’s core development team included a dashboard and an analytics tool, which allowed the stakeholders to get detailed reports on employees’ performance, their daily activities, resume database, sales closures and more.

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This innovative Recruitment CRM solution has helped RKRS to grow their business by more than 100% in less than 12 months and improve employee productivity by over 50%.


Backed by an army of tech-savvy and experienced team, Tech Active was able to streamline RKRS’ business process and revolutionize their experience. We now work towards upgrading the system to the next level for top-notch results.

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