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Digital Transformation at Scale

Three pillars of Digital transformation journey for a digital first businesses.
Enable exponential growth: With IT Force multipliers create the regime of winning business and market share.
Build Trust: Today’s Digital Business requires a strong base that organizations can trust. This becomes a pillar for a cost-efficient IT Landscape.
Prepare for Transformation: Union of business foresight and enablement by the technology will yield the scale of digitalization efforts. Collaboration is the essence to digitize the business.


By working with customer stakeholders, our strategists gain a greater understanding of the Digital transformation initiatives undertaken. Our discovery phase helps you structure your ideas for a faster realization. We’ll help you shape your software product vision that gets internal and external buy-in.
Research & discovery
Stakeholder Workshops
Tech Scoping
Proof of concept

UX Design

Our User Experience (UX) charter has one motto – human-device friendship. In our design thinking process, we prioritize user needs over product specifications. To achieve this, we observe and interact psychologically and emotionally with people. Due to this, we are able to design beautiful, functional, and user-centric digital experiences across all platforms
User experience design
Product design
Usability testing
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Product Development

Customers want an enhanced and uniform experience at various touch-points in the enterprise and the edge. The handicap in the legacy approach is in-effective time to market. We help orchestrate modern cloud-native architecture and empower organizations with the required scalability and elasticity. We enable new business models through new-age applications for future-ready end-users.
Web Applications
Mobile Applications
Low code / No-code development
Enterprise software modernization
Innovating beyond Boundaries
Using emerging technologies (ActiveEdge) to solve the toughest human problems is something we are passionate about. With technologies such as artificial intelligence and robot process automation, our customers are able to boost sales, reduce costs, automate everyday tasks, and increase profitability in ways they have never experienced before.
 Artificial Intelligence
 AR / VR
 Internet of Things
Data-driven decisions pay off
As organizations transition operations online, every digital interaction generates enormous data. These data help in faster decision-making in a digital-first world. Gain actionable insights from millions of data points. We offer our Data science expertise in formalizing ethical data and building trust & transparency to drive innovation. Our capability includes Power BI, Tableau, Snowflakes, and ELK.
 Data Strategy
 Data Architecture
 Data Engineering
 AI & Big Data
 Business Intelligence
CRM partner you can count on
Our team of experienced and certified Salesforce & Zoho professionals will help you leverage the software’s full capabilities with cost-effective customizations, streamlined workflows and app integrations. We offer consulting, design, and implementation services to organizations at every stage of their CRM adoption journey. Using a proven methodology and an agile approach, we deliver on-time and within budget.
 Custom development
 App integration
 Managed services

Product Management

In order to remain at the forefront of business advancement and innovation, it is imperative to continuously improve the product once it has been launched. Post-delivery, the product gains momentum in different quarters. We have constructed a set of point services to facilitate this flow seamlessly. This has a mix of hands-on and automated approaches.
Cloud & Devops
Product support & scaling
Quality assurance

A Trusted Software Development Partner

Since 2008, we’ve helped over 130+ global companies build outstanding digital products. We work with forward-looking organizations to deliver solutions that require agility, scalability, security, and new-thinking.
Team Members
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Frequently asked questions

What makes your software development company a good partner?

With over 130+ customers worldwide and 175+ in-house experts, we have helped startups and enterprises realize their vision for over a decade. Our client retention rate is 97.5%, and we work with our clients for an average of 5 years. You can learn about our extensive experience in mobile applications and web development across multiple industries through our case studies.

Do you offer custom software development services?

Yes, we provide custom software development services to both startups and enterprises. Throughout our history, we have built over 100+ custom software applications for a variety of industries. Custom mobile applications, web applications, and enterprise applications are all areas in which we have strong skills and experience.

How long does a product development project take to complete from start to finish?

The timeline depends on the project scope and complexity. We plan to launch the software in sprints over two to three weeks at a time, and we expect to deliver a working MVP in less than 12 weeks.

Are you able to deliver my project on time and within budget?

The proven methodologies we've developed over the years have helped us to deliver projects on time and within budget. In addition, we offer fixed-cost engagements if the scope of work is clearly defined.

What makes your software development process unique?

Using agile methods and a delivery-driven approach, our processes are focused more on outcome than effort. As a result of our process, customers • receive Quality and clean code • Clearly defined budgets and timeline • Easy-to-use and fully functional software • Scalable and resilient application

Case Studies

Screening Services, UAE
An Online Background Verification Platform
We developed a robust verification platform for a leading screening services company in Dubai. Through the cloud-based platform..
Media, India
Blockchain to Distribute Payments on a Music Platform
Our client is a first-of-its-kind platform that enables beat producers to licence their beats globally and rappers..
Background Verification, UAE
SBT token MVP for Background Verification Platform
An existing customer of ours, which is a leading background verification platform wanted Blockchain and SBTs to create..
Finance, United Kingdom
Debt Management Platform & CRM
Tech Active was contacted by one of the top UK's IVA organizations to design a custom business application for their business..
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