A tablet based feedback solution developed to help businesses manage surveys and gain real-time insights to improve customer experience.


Most customers do not proactively complain about service experiences that don't meet their expectations — they just go somewhere else next time. Restaurants, Hotels, Salons, Retail Outlets and even Government entities can no longer rely on a smile and assume that customers are satisfied. This shortcoming ignited the spark for Tabvey, where they wanted to create a tool, which would be the easiest way to collect feedback, evaluate customer’s experiences, and respond pro-actively if things go wrong.

Based in US, Tabvey is a tablet-based feedback solution that helps the service industry to gather real-time insights on what their customers really think about their products and services.

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For as long as anyone could remember, the service industry has been using paper-based approach to know their customer’s experiences. Unfortunately, a paper-based survey has many drawbacks, which includes lack of real-time analytics, absence of efficiency, manipulation of feedback, and lack of engagement with customers.

This market gap led Tabvey to approach Tech Active to develop a fully customized cloud solution with a tablet extension to collect feedback, which would allow brands or SMBs to evaluate their customers’ experiences in real-time – relying on Tech Active’s ingenuity to realize its vision.


- Real-Time Analytics and In-depth reporting
- Instant alerts on negative feedback
- Convenient and hassle free
- Flexibility to change survey or questions as required
- No manipulation of feedback
- No data entry or interpreting customer handwriting
- Engage with customers immediately with text and email campaigns

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After gaining a firm understanding of Tabvey’s vision, Tech Active carried out in-depth research, holding focus groups to understand service industry’s requirements and the pattern of their customer’s responses. We generated 30 hours of audio interviews — based on which we designed, and developed a cloud solution that would facilitate businesses to interact with customers in real-time through a simple tablet-based extension. Additionally, 92% of customers shared the need for a more precise questionnaire, thus we implemented the ‘Skip and Branching Logic’, which ensures only relevant questions are displayed to appropriate respondents.

Once responses were collected – management has secure access to the feedback with detailed statistics. We also enhanced the app to collect responses without an active Internet connection and it can be synced automatically to the Web Panel when online. To increase Tabvey’s customer base and give the product a global outlook, Tech Active deployed a multilingual support, where customers can provide feedback in their own choice of language.

The end-result was intuitive, streamlined, and a clean MIS-based application, supported on both Android Tablets and iPads, which is as simple as cracking a cookie.

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- With the successful launch of Tabvey, the service industry saw less consumption of paper, more satisfied customers and less bounce rates.
- The entire feedback process can seamlessly address customers’ issues faster.
- Powered by cloud, the solution collects more than 6 million feedback every year — that is significantly higher than any paper-based survey can ever accumulate.


Furthermore, the tablet-based solution was eagerly adopted by major industry leaders like Barbeque Nation, Clarks, Land Rover, and Samsung to enhance their customer’s experiences. We now constantly work towards upgrading the platform to the next level based on user feedback, while relentlessly building Tabvey’s position as market leader.

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