Helping WWF in S.E Asia raise funds, process payments and manage donor information with an Enterprise iPad Solution and a cloud CRM.


For 50 years, the World Wildlife Fund’s mission has been to create a future in which people live in harmony with nature. As the world’s largest conservation organisation, WWF operates in more than 95 countries, aiming to engage and educate all generations about the significance of preserving the diversity of life on our planet.

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WWF’s local volunteers are responsible for conveying its objective by initiating campaigns and excursions, and holding discourses and events. Clearly, this involves funding—the majority of which is gathered through donations.

This was a major challenge for WWF-South East Asia’s team of environmentalists (fundraisers), who were using paper-based forms to raise funds and take down donor’s personal details, which was later manually inserted in their traditional CRM database and 30% of those transactions were rejected in the weekly batch processing due to incorrect entry of data.

In an effort to improve its workflow, WWF-S.E Asia’s office approached Tech Active to replace its legacy system with functionally rich and tailored platform that could automate its manual fundraising initiatives and synchronize it with the CRM software and batch processing in real-time.


- Real-time integration
- No time-consuming data entry or interpreting handwriting
- Cloud-based CRM platform that is highly scalable and flexible
- An automated fundraising app that syncs information instantaneously
- Fully secured system that cannot be abused

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Our in-house team initially conducted a User Experience (UX) study to understand the client and the performance of their existing systems. Based on the findings, it was clear that we needed to upgrade WWF’s CRM software for seamlessly delivering on its objectives. We replaced their traditional CRM software with a cloud-based tailored CRM solution, developed on CodeIgniter and MySQL, and migrated their core data securely to the cloud.

Additionally, 94% of fundraisers shared the need for an innovative fundraising platform, thus we conceptualized and built an iPad app that helps in capturing donor’s data quickly, reducing the elongated time-consuming manual processes. Tech Active also enabled the app to validate donor’s credit card and other personal information in real-time. The iPad app can also successfully capture the signature of the donor. Simultaneously, the captured data are instantly transferred to the respective CRM, maintaining real-time integration between the app and the software. We leveraged industry-leading data security and encryption tools – AGS and SSL – to ensure that only management have point-to-point access to donor’s personal information.

The end-result was simple, streamlined, and highly collaborative software that manages the entire workflow and data accurately and securely. WWF can also maintain their very own customized reports through an in-built MIS module, where they can manage and store the organisation’s progress and report card for every fundraising campaigns.

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- We boosted WWF’s donations by 40%, arming more than 2,000 fundraisers with an all-in-one iPad app.
- The entire workflow has been streamlined and automated, which drastically increased efficiency and productivity of WWF’s workforce.
- Driven by a cloud-first strategy, WWF witnessed 25% reduction in bounce rate of their donations as the whole process was functioning in real-time.


Tech Active was able to deliver the solution on time and within the client’s budget. We are now exploring new possibilities to improve WWF’s fundraising experience and achieve higher donations.

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